Pressing Capabilities

At our processing facility in Prince Edward Island, Canada, we have the ability to do both large scale mechanical pressing of specialty oil seeds, as well as small scale cold pressing.  Our mechanical pressing facility uses a combination of extrusion and dual pressing technology to effectively extract high quality oil from specialty oil seeds at rate of approximately 24 tons per day.  Our cold pressing operation uses a combination of six twin presses to produce, at low temperatures, a cold pressed high quality oil at a rate of approximately 2.5 tons per day.

We also have the ability to decant, centrifuge, or filter the crude oil generated during either pressing operation to remove solid particles.  The meal generated during the pressing operation is cooled to room temperature and can be purchased in bulk or in totes.

Refining Capabilities

We have a highly flexible, stainless steel, batch refinery.  With the ability to refine batches of oil as small as 1,000 kg and adjust and regulate temperature, vacuum, moisture, absorbents, and efficiently refine any type of oil to the highest quality of standards.

By either chemical or physical means, we can produce refined, bleached, deodorized, and winterized oil.  With the flexibility of batch refinery, all stages of the refining process can be completed in any combination or individually.  Exposure to oxygen during the refining process is minimized by using nitrogen to cap vessels or by use of vacuum systems to ensure the quality of the oil is maintained from start to finish.



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