Analytical Laboratory

Our on-site analytical laboratory is dedicated to analyzing our oils throughout the refining process to ensure that all oils are refined to the highest quality standards.  Our analytical laboratory has the ability to produce a complete Certificate of Analysis for all finished oil.  A thorough database, finished oil samples, and process records are maintained on every batch to ensure our customers receive a quality assured product.

Our Laboratory personnel are highly qualified and have the resources to perform a complete analysis of any oil.  These resources include Gas Chromotography, Spectophotometry, Lipid Extraction, Karl Fishcer Titration, Centrifugation, NIR and Lovibond.  They have the ability to analyze OSI, Saponification Value, Acid Value, Free Fatty Acids, Specific Gravity, Viscosity, Iodine Value, Peroxide Value, Phosphorous, and Refractive Index.

Pilot Laboratory

Our onsite pilot laboratory allows for small scale pressing and refining, as well as research and development.  Our pilot laboratory complements our full scale refining operation through testing and optimizing refining parameters.  This allows for improvements and advancements in refining protocols from our established oils, and is central to the development and introduction of new oils.



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