One of TCI's areas of expertise is in bringing new and emerging crops to market through the evaluation, scale up and full commercialization process. This process follows a well defined yet highly specialized series of steps.

See as an example, where TCI searched for, identified and set about commercializing an entirely new, sustainable and innovative source of advanced omega 3 fatty acids, compared to flax seed, whilst delivering the health benefits associated with consuming fish oils, yet from a natural and plant derived source that can be grown under rigorously managed conditions.

We develop pioneering strategies to build robust, scalable and sustainable supply chains for plant species that require a shift from concept or wild-crafting through to commercial production. We can:

  • Reduce scale up timelines, and increase speed of commercialization
  • Build cost models, predicting future costs of production
  • Create multiple source supply chains, from soil to oil
  • Identify and manage risk

If you feel it's time to put your speciality crop requirements into a customized supply chain to meet your risk, quality, cost and environmental demands, contact TCI to discuss further.


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