Crop Assured 365® is Technology Crop International’s proprietary process of identity preservation.  When you see the Crop Assured 365® seal, you can be assured that the technology crops that went into the product are the highest quality available.  Our exacting process of technology crop stewardship throughout the supply chain ensures against co-mingling through segregation, isolation and containment of genetic material, and is your guarantee of absolute purity from soil to oil.

Identity preservation is only possible when the entire supply chain is carefully managed and monitored, ensuring compliance with systems and protocols designed to protect the purity of the crop and its products. Especially for end-products with classifications such as GM-free, trans fat-free, organic, or produced under good agricultural practice, scrupulous oversight is essential.

Our robust and documented Crop Assured 365® process assures absolute traceability, segregation, containment and identity preservation through each stage of the supply chain—from soil to oil.


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