TCI delivers 'Solutions From Plants'. If you require safe, sustainable and reliable specialty plant derived ingredients, with uncompromising service, at competitive prices, TCI could be the partner you need.

If your business, products or customers require specialized ingredients from plants, where any risk of supply chain failure could have serious consequences, TCI may be able to manage this risk for you.

Being fully integrated from 'soil to oil' in all our products, allows greater reliability, traceability and predictability than buying through purely 'brokered' channels. We understand farming, the challenges it can present and the management tools we can employ to create opportunity from challenge.

In an increasingly commoditized world, finding growers dedicated to specialized crop production is becoming increasingly hard. TCI contracts with over 4,000 growers globally to meet the demands of our customers.

Whether you require:

  • essential fatty acid containing specialty oils for dietary supplement manufacture (borage, echium)
  • unique fatty acid properties for personal care / skin care applications (meadowfoam, crambe)
  • oleochemical feedstocks for ‘green chemistry’ (erucic acid, hydroxy fatty acids)
  • healthy nutritional and performance lipids for food manufacture (high oleic sunflower)

TCI can customize a 'soil to oil' supply chain for you, delivering the right quality at the right time at the right price; whilst offering the value of being fully integrated back to the field.


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